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Process mining in manufacturing: optimizing process using technology

In the face of challenges for manufacturers, one thing is certain: the production and support process must be continuously improved

Felipe Lunelli

Process mining in manufacturing: optimizing process using technology

In the competitive arena of the manufacturing industry, profit generation is an outcome of a usually large and complex series of coordinated steps, a collection of core and support activities that are designed to fulfill specific demands, with profitable and high-quality products, by the time the customers want them.

As the main challenges for manufacturers constantly evolve, from supply chain disruption to labor shortage and inflation, one thing is certain: The production and support process must be continuously improved, thus making static business intelligence and process mapping solutions outdated. They become out-of-context snapshots of complex and coordinated movements from different areas, operating in geographically distant locations and with unclear interfaces, hindering the capability of the leaders for making informed decisions with the right timing about how to drive the efforts of the internal teams and the overall business.

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The advantages of process mining

Enter Process Mining, analyzing how data moves through a series of steps and acting toward an optimized outcome. Process mining enables leaders to see the motion of the information across fluid checkpoints, identify and explore inefficiencies and wastes, define the best way to approach them, and even simulate downstream effects in a digital twin and changing priorities depending on the outcomes that are generated. The use of such capabilities has proven to be effective in various utilizations and led to results such as 95% on-time delivery rates, a reduction of 11% in rework, and a 15% increase in the inventory replenishment process effi ciency.

Positioning the companies in the most competitive markets

As for what comes next, digitization of both core and support processes will become the rule for the manufacturing industry, as well as most others. Centers of excellence extracting consistent value from processesacross the organization, automation & integrations and several layers of intelligence connecting manufacturing to finances and support processes will grant the pass for positioning the companies in the most competitive markets. As of today, only 6% of the companies have full visibility of their value chain and 73% CFOs understand that the digitization of the finance functions within the organization is a high priorityfor the next couple of years.

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By applying Falconi’s expertise in driving improvement and change via the application of disciplined problemsolving methodologies along with strong results-driven governance and the use of state-of-the-art technology, companies will overcome the challenges and be placed in a position to win. Discover how our solutions can revolutionize your production processes, optimize resource allocation, and enhance customer satisfaction. Visit our website or schedule a meeting to explore the limitless possibilities of operational efficiency with Falconi. Unleash your manufacturing potential and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Felipe Lunelli

6+ years of consulting experience, focused on improving operations efficiency and management systems development & implementation across industries such as food & beverages, construction, mobility, and healthcare in Brazil and Europe.

Experience in managing the operations of digital products.

Certified in Fit-for-purpose and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Process Mining.

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