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What can digital transformation teach companies?

Digital transformation has contributed to the evolution of businesses, allowing for flexibility, agility and assertiveness.

What can digital transformation teach companies?


In a scenario of constant change, corporations learn that digital transformation goes beyond technology and brings about much more complex and deeper impacts to business models and to customers.

Digital transformation has contributed to the evolution of businesses, allowing for flexibility, agility and assertiveness. Changes that break barriers, increase purchasing power and that bring a new perspective for organizations in the most diverse economic areas. In addition, with the expansion of digital transformation, having a vision focused on delivering value and providing a positive impact in the corporate world has become more achievable.

More than being about technological solutions and structural change, digital transformation is integrally connected to a company´s relationship with society and the government. It involves developing processes that guarantee fluidity, experimentation and a cultural change, something that says a lot about what a company wants to achieve and deliver for all stakeholders. Therefore, in time when the search for innovation is increasingly present, it is inevitable not to invest in it.

Companies that invest in innovation are not only better prepared to face the competition or to meet the needs of their customers, in fact, they have the power to dictate the future of the market and transform people’s lives

Eduardo Vieira, Head of Communications LatAm at SoftBank

In addition to having such competitive advantages, it is also important to keep an eye on what lies ahead. Understanding how digital transformation can collaborate to the evolution of business and how to overcome long-term challenges makes all the difference. Companies that are not aware of this reality may lose competitiveness in the market.

“Nowadays we witness such a high speed of transformation and so many gains in productivity and resources, that those who do not follow these steps and think of how to reinvent the way they do business will certainly be left behind”, says Vieira.

Is there a recipe for success?

To be a disruptive company and stand out in the market, it is necessary to think of strategies that have meaning to the business. Favoring conscious and agile decision-making, integrating company sectors and teams, having good communication, as well as improving customer interaction and experience. Always seeking new knowledge and investing in emerging methodologies.

“Companies that try to promote this digital transformation really need to open their minds and understand that if they don’t change their mindset, they won’t be able to achieve it”, Vieira advises.

Whether in a new or traditional business model, there is always a lot to learn. Both originally digital and traditional companies can learn from each other. They can learn about infrastructure and results, as well as about more human and adaptation challenges.

“This exchange is extremely rich. For example, the digital companies that looked back and tried to promote these transformations by themselves, studying the results of companies that were successful in the previous model, start with a meaningful advantage in terms of knowledge”, he comments.

Digital transformation has been taking place at an accelerated pace and new demands will increasingly arise and contribute to intensifying this reality in corporations. Innovations that will expand digitization in industries, permeate the evolution of society and be part of history.

“For me, the internet and technology are like electricity: no company can live without electricity and none will be able to live without technology”, adds Vieira.


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Eduardo Vieira

Head of Communications LatAm at SoftBank

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